LORD GANESHA

In the GG temple, the devotee has the unique opportunity to worship Siddhi-Buddhi sametah Gnanavinayakar as it is rare to find Ganesha along with Siddhi and Buddhi. Ganapathy confers on His devotees, Buddhi (intellect) and Siddhi (fulfilment) as one needs Buddhi to attain Siddhi. The embodiment of wisdom, Ganapathi is worshipped by all the Gods.


            SRI GAYATHRI

The GG Temple is the first of its kind in North America to establish a temple dedicated to Goddess Gayathri based strictly on the Agama shastras. She has been worshipped in this temple since the year 2005. She is the supreme effulgence of the Sun-God which inspires and guides us to engage in righteous actions. May all devotees attain fulfilment through the Upasana of Goddess Gayathri.



In the GG Temple, Lord Subrahmanya is a replica of Kumaraguruparar, the deity in Kumarakottam (Kanchipuram). He holds the Velayaudam (Gnanashakthi) in his hand and along with His consorts He waits to confer the ultimate spiritual knowledge on His devotees.


Shivasri Chandrashekhara Gurukkal, the head priest, vowed to dedicate his life to building a temple for Shri Gayathri Devi after she appeared in his dream in 2005 and the result is the GG Temple.

Shri Gayathri Matha, also known as Veda Matha, is rightfully very close to Shri Gurukkal’s heart.

It is Shri Gurukkal’s dream that this temple fosters the rich values of Sanatana Dharma for a very long time to come.


The Vedas are the bedrock of all righteous (Dharmic) deeds. Such Dharmic deeds in turn nourish a strong society.

Prior to 2005, Shri. Gurukkal, was teaching the Vedas to a batch of dedicated people. Today this region boasts of several bhaktas well-versed in chanting Vedas due to his pioneering and painstaking efforts.



Unique South Indian style temple, designed by an architect (sthapathi) associated with Kanchi Sri Matam.

The first temple in USA with Sri Gayathri Matha as a prominent deity.

Temple relocated to Streamwood from Lockport, closer to devotees in the Northwest, North, and several West suburbs.

Inspired by the Kanchi temple, Kamakshi Ambal and Ekambareshwarar vigrahams, and the temple design are in strict conformance to agama sastra

Has original black stone dieties blessed by Kanchi Paramacharya.

Construction in progress, scheduled to be completed early 2023


The main temple design and deities such as Kamakshi Ambal and Ekambareshwarar are in strict conformance with the agama sastra.

The first phase of the construction is scheduled to be completed in the first half of 2023. Several sponsorship opportunities are available.

The temple is operational as a balalayam in the building while construction is in progress for the larger temple.


Located in Streamwood, IL, in the corridor connecting Northwest suburbs to West suburbs, the temple is accessible to the Hindu community residing in Chicago and to visitors.