Temple Expansion

There will be a new temple built on site on or before 2024. Following are the details effective January 1, 2018. Two parcels of 5 acres were paid for and the City of Lockport as of August 2017 has approved the building of the temple in three phases.

Phase I:
1. Bring city water to the property and install fire hydrant next to existing building
2. Install new septic tank to treat sewer of both new temple and existing building
3. Install 27’ new driveway on east side of existing building
4. New Ganesha Gayathri temple sign by the new driveway
The city’s deadline to complete the above work is June 30, 2018
Engineer’s Estimated cost for Phase I $223,321

Phase II:
1. Excavation of whole site as both parcels topography is different
2. All underground utilities for parking lot lights, stormwater connection and pond for stormwater
3. Removal of trees and installing new parking lots for over 140 vehicles
4. New landscaping and planting of required trees, bushes and plants
5. Second fire hydrant for new temple
6. Retaining walls on west side of the property and some miscellaneous work The city’s deadline to complete the above work is Dec 31, 2019 Engineer’s estimate for Phase II is $198,072

Phase III:
The GGT board and members have six years to 2024 to fund the new temple building. As of January 1, 2018, our existing Architect is working to get the total cost of building for the temple.

We beseech you to contribute generously to this noble effort of fundraising to uphold and spread the tenets of Sanatana Dharma for all succeeding generations.