Our Deities

Lord Ganesha:

Worshipped and extolled since Vedic times, Lord Ganesha or Ganapathi is the master of Ganas (Gods) and Sadgunas (virtues). His name has many layers of meaning, one of which is as follows: “Ga” stands for Buddhi (intellect) and “Na” for Vijnana (wisdom). Therefore, Ganapathi represents both Buddhi and Vijnana. He is also the ultimate master of Suraloka (heaven) who blesses his bhaktas with leadership qualities.

In the GG temple, the devotee has the unique opportunity to worship Siddhi-Buddhi sametah Gnanavinayakar as it is rare to find Ganesha along with Siddhi and Buddhi. Ganapathy confers on His devotees, Buddhi (intellect) and Siddhi (fulfilment) as one needs Buddhi to attain Siddhi. The embodiment of wisdom, Ganapathi is worshipped by all the Gods.

Lord Subrahmanya:

The Commander-in chief of all the devas, Lord Subrahmanya, is known by several names such as Skanda, Kumara, Guha, and Kumaragurupara. According to the Brahma Sutras, those who have a mission in life to fulfil will continue to be born in the corporal state as long as their mission demands it. Lord Subrahmanya manifested to fulfil His missions: to establish Vedic Rites and to establish righteous actions.

“Su” means handsome and “Brahmanyam” refers to acquisition of knowledge. Lord Subrahmanya’s consorts, Valli and Devasena, represent Desire and Action respectively. By indulging in dharmic desire and dharmic action, we can ultimately (and paradoxically) shed both these and realize the ultimate knowledge that Lord Subrahmanya represents.

Numerous temples in India are dedicated to this Lord; some of the most popular are, Palani, Thiruchendur, Thirutthani, Kumarakkotam and Kanchipuram. Here, in the GG Temple, Lord Subrahmanya is a replica of Kumaraguruparar, the deity in Kumarakottam (Kanchipuram). He holds the Velayaudam (Gnanashakthi) in his hand and along with His consorts He waits to confer the ultimate spiritual knowledge on His devotees.

Sri Gayathri:

Goddess Gayathri is the primordial power; She is also Aadishakthi, the power of the Sun-God Surya, and is present in every creature as the life force. She has been visualized by the great sages like Vishwamithra (who also gave us the Gayathri manthra) as possessing five faces and ten arms. These five faces represent the five basic elements of the cosmos: water, air, earth, fire and space. These life forces are said to be present in the human body at a subtle level. The ten arms of the Goddess represent the destruction of the ten vices that besiege humans. Her right arms bless the devotees with spiritual gains leading to self-realization, and Her left arms confer material gains. Thus, worshipping Goddess Gayathri leads to both material and spiritual fulfilment. All the sages and learned ones consider Her a veritable “Kamadhenu” bestowing splendorous riches of every conceivable kind.

The GG Temple is the first of its kind in North America to establish a temple dedicated to Goddess Gayathri based strictly on the Agama shastras. She has been worshipped in this temple since the year 2005. She is the supreme effulgence of the Sun-God which inspires and guides us to engage in righteous actions. May all devotees attain fulfilment through the Upasana of Goddess Gayathri.